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Art and writing submissions are due in by Friday 1st September 2023 (Term 3, Week 7).

Follow these 4 steps

  1. Click here to Register for the 2023 Schools Reconciliation Challenge or for further information email schools@nswreconciliation.org.au
  2. Start with Explore 2023 theme What Stories Will You Dream? and follow the session guides to inform your lessons about reconciliation and this year’s theme.
  3. Then do the activities in Create Art and/or Create Writing.  There are also many other lessons and activities to assist and inspire students to develop original artworks or stories which reflect their ideas about reconciliation and the 2023 theme What Stories Will You Dream?
  4. Submit the artworks and stories online by Friday 1st September 2023 (Term 3, Week 7).

Submitting your art and writing entries online.

Submit your entries online to us for viewing by our judging panel. Please ensure you complete all required fields of information to ensure your entry can be put forward for judging.

All entries for the Schools Reconciliation Challenge are to be submitted in a digital format.

Written entries: all written entries should be submitted as a PDF file. We encourage students to edit their work ensuring correct spelling, punctuation and grammar has been used.

Art entries: artworks should be photographed or scanned and preferably submitted in jpg format. Please note, no artworks should be sent via mail. All artworks should be submitted as digital files with schools to keep the original artwork. When photographing artworks please ensure the image is of the artwork only (no students or backgrounds). Please be aware that the clearer the image, the easier it is for the judging panel to see.

Artworks and Stories files need to be named.

School _Title (of artwork or story)_Name (first-name surname)

examples:   BNPS_My Country_Mary Smith.PDF

KNHS_Rivers and Trees_John Butler.jpg


  • Student writing and art finalists will be announced in October. Schools/teachers will be notified via email if students from their school have been selected as finalists.
  • Finalist artworks will be collated into an exhibition which will be displayed in physical and digital form in various locations around NSW.

Remember all entries must:

Entries that do not comply to ALL of the above conditions will be excluded from the SRC competition judging.

Click here for full competition Terms and Conditions.

Teachers Click Here

Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.