Frequently asked questions

About the Schools Reconciliation Challenge

What is the Schools Reconciliation Challenge?

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge is the NSW Reconciliation Council’s annual art and writing competition for young people in NSW and the ACT.

How do I find out more about this year’s Schools Reconciliation Challenge?

The new Schools Reconciliation Challenge website contains information on this year’s theme, how to register and participate in the Challenge. Visit the website at

Alternatively, you may contact the NSW Reconciliation Council via email at or phone 02 8095 9600.


Key Dates

When is the Schools Reconciliation Challenge?

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge opened in May 2018 and the NSW Reconciliation Council will be accepting art and writing submissions for this years competition up until 28 September 2018.

However, we encourage students and teachers to engage with the resources and activities provided on the Schools Reconciliation Challenge website throughout the year.

When will the Schools Reconciliation Challenge Exhibition be held?

The Exhibition Launch for the 2018 Schools Reconciliation Challenge will be held in November 2018.

More information about the exhibition launch, regional exhibition tour and locations will be released closer to the date.



What is the theme for 2018?

The theme for the 2018 Schools Reconciliation Challenge is Our Voices, Our Future! This theme is about celebrating the voices and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our country and creating a rightful place for these voices to be heard now and into the future.

Our Voices, Our Future is also a celebration of the voices of young people and the important role they play in shaping our future. Through exploration of this theme, we encourage students to recognise that their ability to actively listen and speak up empowers them to effect change and contribute their voices to reconciliation.

More information about the theme can be found at


Registration and Participation

Who can participate?

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge is open to all young people in years 5-9 (or equivalent ages), Indigenous and non-Indigenous, of all abilities.

Young people may enter the Schools Reconciliation Challenge through their school or independently.

How do I register my school?

Register your school for the 2018 Schools Reconciliation Challenge by emailing or visit for more details.

How do we get started?

  1. Begin with Explore 2018 theme and follow the session guides to inform your lessons about reconciliation and this year’s theme Our Voices, Our Future!
  2. Then do the activities in Create Art and/or Create Writing. Use these lessons to assist and inspire students to develop original artworks or stories which reflect their ideas about reconciliation and the theme Our Voices, Our Future!
  3. Submit artworks and stories by 28 September 2018 via the online submissions portal. Each entry must have a completed Entry Form attached.


Teaching Kit and Resources

How do I access a hard copy of the Teaching Kit?

In 2017, the NSW Reconciliation Council launched the Schools Reconciliation Website, which has replaced the hard copy version of the Teaching kit.

Access the online Teaching kit at

How do I find out which curriculum outcomes the Schools Reconciliation Challenge covers/addresses?

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge covers BOSTES curriculum outcomes relating to English, History and Visual Arts for stages 3 and 4.

For further information about the Curriculum Outcomes for the Schools Reconciliation Challenge please visit at



How do I submit entries?

Artworks and short stories created for the Schools Reconciliation Challenge are to be submitted by 28 September 2018.

Writing and artwork submissions must be an original creative pieces that relate to the 2018 theme Our Voices, Our Future! and explore reconciliation more broadly.

Entry requirements:

  • Artworks (2D or digital) must be a maximum size of A1 and accompanied by an Artist Statement
  • Writing must be a maximum of  500 words and must be accompanied by a Writer Reflection.

Submissions that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

Can students submit both art and writing?

Yes, students may choose to create artworks or stories or both. Please note that if students choose to submit both an artwork and story they will need to complete a artists and writers statement for each of their entries.

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This Kit was developed in consultation with the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) to ensure that the competition meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3 & 4.

Enter by 28 September 2018

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