Reconciliation in Education

Free Online Workshops for Educators

Reconciliation NSW has developed a new program to highlight the importance of Reconciliation in Education. We offer online workshops, access to lesson plans and activities and a downloadable reconciliation in education kit for educators to begin to access tools and resources.

Nominate your school or ELS for a free online workshop which includes professional development, cultural competence,  understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the classroom, reconciliation themes and how to activate your school to engage with Reconciliation Action Plans.

If your school or AECG team would like Reconciliation NSW to run a professional development session or student based workshop online please contact us.


About Narragunnawali

Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali program supports all schools and early learning services in Australia to foster a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions. Narragunnawali’s online platform is free to access and provides practical ways to introduce meaningful reconciliation initiatives in the classroom, around the school and with the community. Through the Narragunnawali platform, schools and early learning services can develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and teachers and educators can access professional leaning and curriculum resources to support the implementation of reconciliation initiatives.


Reconciliation in Education Kit 

Reconciliation NSW invites your school or early learning service to progress reconciliation by engaging with our Reconciliation in Education Kit.

    1. Welcome
    2. 2021 Under One Sky: Yesterday, Today and Forever theme activity
    3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander significant dates classroom poster
    4. Lessons, plans and activities
    5. Introduction to Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) for schools and early learning services
    6. Narragunnawali Guide to Respectful and Inclusive Terminology
    7. Aboriginal Nations and Languages Map in NSW & ACT
    8. Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country guide
    9. The Five Dimensions of Reconciliation checklist poster


Virtual Campfire for the 2021 SRC theme: Under One Sky: Yesterday, Today and Forever

You’re invited to attend a free online workshop on Wednesday 23 June, 9:30am-10:30am.

Gather around our Digital Campfire to explore Australian Indigenous Astronomy and be inspired to create an entry for this years Schools Reconciliation Challenge.
Under One Sky: Yesterday, Today and Forever
For more than 60,000 years First Nations People have looked up at the sky, to understand the world around them. Using observations of the stars, planets, Moon, Sun and the atmosphere to predict weather changes & tides, to navigate on land & water and to plan food gathering, hunting, trading, ceremony as well as pass down stories through the generations.

Looking up and reading the skies was, and still is, an important way to understand, interact with and develop connection to Country and know our place in the universe. The skies are also a source of magic, mystery and meaning told through dreaming stories of the creation of the sun and moon. Sharing stories under the stars is also a way of passing on Aboriginal lore to children, about family, traditions, culture and history.

This session will be facilitated by Aunty Joanne, an Aboriginal woman born in Sydney on the land of the Gadigal people. Aunty Joanne grew up with stories of the Milky Way, shared by her mother, Elders and Community Knowledge Holders.

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge is an annual art and writing competition, open to all young people in years 3–10, across NSW and the ACT. Entries are open from 15 Feb – 30 August, 2021 .
This video conference will be held via a private Zoom connection. If you are new to video conferences, we have an informative how to connect guide for support.

If your group is unable to attend the free Digital Campfire on 23 June,  you can book your school in for the Australian Indigenous Astronomy video conference run by the Powerhouse Museum.  This on-demand digital program is part of the Powerhouse Museum 2021 schools offer. Available Monday to Friday at 10am, 11am, midday, 1pm and 2pm.  Please note that bookings will be facilitated by Aunty Joanne Selfe where possible, and at other times by Powerhouse Museum educators.

Register for the online event here

National Reconciliation Week Learning Resource

All Together Now for Reconciliation is an online learning experience for National Reconciliation Week: 27 May – 3 June 2021.

Your classroom can use these online resources and activities for all stages from Early Learning through to Stage 4!

This learning experience is designed and developed by Wingaru Education in partnership with Reconciliation NSW and the Schools Reconciliation Challenge. The platform enables schools and early learning centres to simultaneously participate in online activities for National Reconciliation Week. Resources are available from 17th of May – 11th of June.

Register to gain access to resources here


Links to build reconciliation in your classroom

Narragunnawali subject guides to support your classroom teaching with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, understandings and achievements.

Activities and classroom resources around a huge range of topics at the Narragunnawali website.

Art and writing based classroom activities and resources on the Schools Reconciliation Challenge website.

Get started on creating a Reconciliation Action Plan in your school.

Watch a webinar by the Department of Education Reconciliation Action Plan on Designing programs that fit: learning from the Aboriginal Initiatives team. The recording of this is now available on the Department of Education Reconciliation Action Plan web page.

Reconciliation in Education Newsletters

Reconciliation in Education November 2020    News about the finalists in the Schools Reconciliation Challenge, New resources from the ABC, Books and readings, articles and more.

Reconciliation in Education August 2020 – Free online workshops from the Powerhouse Museum, Melbourne Writers Festival and how to build inclusive education.

Reconciliation in Education April 2020 – Showcasing online resources for teachers, parents and students

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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.