Baulkham Hills High School

The artwork is a story about engaging in reconciliation and helping restore friendly relations. Being a class of young men with autism we are often isolated. There is a meeting circle that was meant to encapsulate all us boys working together for a common goal. We each painted our own symbol for a man. The symbol in the centre of the meeting circle is the symbol for Autism Australia. We chose this symbol because it’s the one thing we all have in common. Our painting shows how our Country (school on Dharug land) cares for us and provides a safe place to learn, grow and make friends. We have used First Nation’s artistic language in our meeting circles and shield design. Modern symbols for Autism Australia and communication have also been used. The animals and insects represent the cycle of life. There is a flower like border around the men symbols showing that we are growing and blooming here. We chose the colours of the earth (yellow, red, brown and white) and our school colours (green, orange and black) for the design.

Reconciliation means …helping to restore friendly relations.

Artists: Support 5 Collaboration – Year 9

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