Blaxland High School

This artwork represents a person who is incorporated through the mountains as someone who is calm and peaceful. This shows that Country is protecting her and keeping her safe. Country provides us with land, food, water and the other necessities of a human. Meaning: ‘this artwork is showing how Country keeps us safe and protects us in exchange for protecting it back.’ We are caring for the country and keeping its beautiful nature. This artwork shows an untouched environment of the blue mountains and how this person has adapted instead of changed.

Reconciliation means …to me, a strong bond that has gradually gained strength overtime. It is a relationship between two things, living or not. These relationships are generally friendly. Just like ‘Caring for Country’ the two ends care for each other which is shown with the bond between Country and people living upon it. My artwork ‘Sleeping Giant’ shows the connection between Country and people. The way this has happened is through the sleeping person being part of the landscape with nature and bush land flowing over her.

Artist: Benjamin Lilly – Year 9

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