Ellison Public School

They moved swiftly, across the night
Spears in their hands
Turning left and right
All throughout their lands

The country they once owned
Taken from them without warning
From which was never atoned
And since, we’ve caused global

All the tears involved
So much pain and heartbreak
That hasn’t been resolved
They continued to take and take.

The men with brown boots
That destroyed their happy nation
Separated them from their family
Creating the stolen generation

Now we know their story
We understand it was wrong
This land their pride and glory
To which they have always belonged
This is their culture, their family
They continue to be proud
We should continue to be sorry
Equals we vowed

From river to sea
Our island home
Acceptance is key
We share together, our home.

We now come together
Their culture shall expand
Always was, always will be
Aboriginal land

Author’s statement:

This poem means that no matter how much we once denied it, some terrible things occurred. The hurt still remains and we can’t ignore what happened. Although we can not undo our history, we can make up for it. We need to acknowledge the ancient and unbroken connection Aboriginal people have with this land.

Reconciliation means…

To me, reconciliation means coming together. For Australia to rise as one, we
need to respect, appreciate and accept each other. Everyone is equal. Everyone needs equal rights. Everyone deserves an equal voice.

Author: Iris Hurst

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