Giralang Primary School

Our 3/4/5 collaborative artwork is inspired by the 2019 NAIDOC theme ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’. For voice, we included William Cooper who inspired generations of activists working for justice for Indigenous Australians. His voice, along with many others are the key to creating meaningful change. We used eucalyptus leaves to write powerful words in English and Ngunnawal language that promotes reconciliation. Treaty is represented through the shaking of hands in friendship, respect and understanding. The last panel is grounded in the Truth. The truths of our history and how this make meaningful steps on our ongoing journey to reconciled Australia.

Reconciliation means… Reconciliation means respecting one another and finding a way to grow and learn together for a better future.

Artists: Caspian Beeching, Ava Castle, Tobias Corlett, Ruby Deren, Jason Doulis, Oliver Gold, Ruby Kerin, Luke Kuzmanoski, Maniha Mahmood, Mitchell Perkins, Sienna Reeves, Jay Tyler, Lowan Walker, Nevaeh Chapelli, Flynn Garvin, Karlo Safaric, Jamyang Sherap, Betsy Slinger, Baileigh Smith, Mattis Tschierschke, Jonah Wilson, Mohamed Abbas, Sammy Barbaro, Lucas Carrick, Harrison Castle, Lily Couter, Logan Fitzpatrick, Elsie Georgievski, Dean Helmers, Charlotte Holgate, Charlie Howard, Bailey Jones, Evan Kostesic, Shantelle Maloney, Joseph Paterson, Sophie Price, Keelia Watson, Huon White

Speaking and Listening From the Heart


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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.