Gundagai South Public School

After observing lots of Indigenous artworks (especially those that were part of the Songlines-tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition), we discussed how stories show the deep connection that Aboriginal people have with the land, sea and sky.  Lockdown kept us physically apart at times over this past year but our artwork represents things that are special or significant in our lives. It unifies, it brings us closer together in a way that gives us something to smile about.  These artworks were painted on vinyl records and each one tells its own story. We chose to group them together to express our view that although we are unique and have our very own stories to tell, we all exist and support each other under one sky.  The joy of the changing seasons, farm life, amazing views, animals, home, trees, nature, the balance of Yin and Yang, campfires beneath the stars and simply representing our beautiful world are some of the ideas depicted here.  We hope you enjoy our group artwork.


Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation and acknowledgement of how our traditional landowners were treated is important so that we remember and learn from our past mistakes, so that these terrible things never happen again in the future.  It is also important to learn and protect Aboriginal history such as sacred sites, Dreamtime stories and the connection and meaning they hold to the land and their spirits. Aboriginal peoples were here first and we need to respect them and honour the whole of Australia’s history.

Contributors: Angus Dowell, Stella Dowell, Riley Hourn, Alexis Hulks,  Amelia Walsh, Joshua Willetts, Dusty Blundell, Jaylee Coulcher, Tristan Gould, Maddison Polsen, Kjay Roma-Wahari, Ava Walsh, Khyla Warren, Chase Anderson, Hayden Crossley, Foster, Makena Hourn, Maia Jones

Year 4, 5 & 6

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