Kambora Public School

The dreamer dreams of hope.

As odd as it is;

A hand to hold,

Is now not so far away.

So the flame of the hearth,

Once embers,

May blaze again someday,

Sharing songs with a stranger.

So they breathe with the heart,

With those all around,

Oh such a gorgeous song.

Joined hands breathe in sync.

They always have,

Tucked away behind the tree,

Walking at sunset along the beach.

Thousands more breathe with them,

But in their bed it’s just them three.

Coffee toned hands,

Marred with the cards Life has dealt.

Unforgivable to a cruel ‘ruler’.

So chocolate fingers clasp them tight,

Pulling them into the spell.

Small fingers grip calloused ones,

The wreck lays far behind.

The path is long,

But they will trek it.

Who knows? There may be a sweeter tale ahead.

No matter if they keep doubling back,

They can sing to pass the time.

A screeching song,

Like nails scraped on the rusty roof.

The walls crumble,

Breaths uneven,

The rattle of old wheels.

The gates swing shut.

The golden glow of sun,

Breathing slowly in sync.

Nurse each other’s wounds,

And they begin again.

The last few years of sunrise,

The youth who hopes for more.

They know medicine does not cause miracle,

Yet they still breathe,

Their heart still beats to the song.

They have lived Here,

They have loved Here,

To them,

That is enough.

Why shouldn’t we dance to the song of Life?

Why shouldn’t we strive to make it okay? The lyrebirds are singing.

The sun rises over Country.

The wombats waddle home,

The kangaroos follow suit.

These scars should be slowly fading,

This hurt is ours to mend.

So let’s dance to the heartsong.

Let’s breathe with the home,

So wonderfully alive.

So wonderfully here.

Find the past,

Find it full of sorrow.

Find it full of joy.

Find it full of a home ripped away.

Seek it out.


However you may.

Stories kept to the chest,

Aren’t they better told?

So come on,

Breathe with me.

The heart beats.

The dead rest.

Time moves,

Become familiar with the eternal.

Mourn the past.

Know the now.

Allow the hope.

Allow the sorrow.

This is the sunrise.

This is their dawn.

This is our new vow.

So come now,

Why not dance to the harmony of home?

Artist Statement

My poem is about the idea of everyone breathing to the same song.

Written By: Lily Dwyer

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