Kiara Lively (6SD), Zachary Moore (6R), Dean Cimera (5S), Danny Vuong (6SD), Cindy Dinh (6R), Matthew Olic (6R), Creston To’omata (5/6M), Billy Sdrolias (5/6M)`

When we reflect on the words ‘Always was, Always will be’, we immediately think of a timeline. As a result, the focus of our artwork is based on significant events in Australia’s history
that have shaped who we are as a people and a nation. The barbed wire symbolises the Stolen Generations.

The glorious red poppies are in recognition of
our brave Indigenous soldiers during wartime in 1914. We said
Sorry to Indigenous Australians for past injustices in 2008. The First Australians will continue to be a major stakeholder in current and future news stories in 2016.

Always the past… Always the future… Always…


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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.