Liam Andrew George Golden

I’ve woken up
a day on the farm
It is so muggy and hot,
on sunburnt country we’ve found.

The day has come to a slow end
Dad’s mates come around
They say they’re going black slaying
and that they’re going to steal their children.

Dad says I have to come
my heart is pumping faster
and my smile is getting bigger
at last, after so many years, I’m going out with dad.

When we arrive at the village
Everything is quiet
the men wait for the word
my mates and I are silent.

When the captain gives the word
our fathers’ start to charge
My friends yell in encouragement
for the fun has begun.

But after a while
I start to see
the evil we are committing.

I stand up and lower my head
I am ashamed of what we have done
I turn around and walk
I walk all the way home.

The evil that I saw that night
still gives me nightmares today
that night I finally realised
we a need to reconcile.

Although the memories
will never leave
The torment will never leave
We are all Australian
We are a one

No matter if we are black or white
We all need to reconcile.

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