Loreto Normanhurst School

This artwork is showing the eyes of my best friend Lillian and I as we are both Indigenous girls from different parts of Australia. The artwork shows our connection to each other even though we are from different areas with different landscapes and sceneries. The dots represent us coming together on this island that be both call home and our ancestors have called home for thousands of years. It shows the hard times and light that have come between us throughout our lives. Even though we are different, we are both still connected, no matter what happens, all thanks to this island we call home.

Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation to me is the coming together of First Nations Australians and non-Indigenous Australians to accept what has happened in the past and to close the gap of inequality that is dividing them. It is also the restoration of the friendship and getting rid of the barrier that divides us.

Artist: Ava Muir

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