Upper Main Arm Public School

This unit of work was undertaken by our stage 3 class. All 22 students participated in this process and in the art work. Throughout Term 2 and 3 our class has been learning about the history of colonisation and in particular the impacts that has had on Indigenous people and places. Our school sits under a mountain called Mount Warning which has a rich Indigenous history.  We researched the history of the mountain and discovered its Aboriginal name of Mount Wollumbin. We also researched the local Dreamtime story related to the mountain about the Warrior and the Turkey.  As this mountain sits so high it is a popular place for hikers and climbers to climb and in recent times there has been a push to stop allowing that to happen in this sacred place. We also researched the Emu in the Sky dreamtime story and how to find that within what we know as the Milky Way. Our art process was multi stepped. Initially we went and observed the mountain and its shape. We then drew this in lead and the surrounds of the mountain. Next we painted in the detail of the mountain and all its colours. Our mountain had to be in the night sky as we wanted to incorporate the Emu in the sky. Once the mountain was painted the next step was to add in the night sky through a process of brush spinning – lots of fun. Finally we made a stencil of the Emu and selected a place in the night sky over Mount Wollumbin to paint it in gold.


Reconciliation means…

To come together as a nation and work towards a common goal of healing and respect. We learnt through this process that we are all under the same sky and that reconciliation means coming together to learn about each other’s culture and to respect each other’s culture. We especially took note of the fact that Mount Wollumbin is an ancient sacred site that surrounds our school and that the Elders of the area have requested people stop climbing it.


Year 5 & 6

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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.