Manly West Public School

The title of my artwork is ‘Reaching Out Across Australia’. To represent diversity, a key part of reconciliation, I used a variety of colours for the people reaching out to one another. In the centre of the outline of Australia, there are three flags representing the different cultures uniting. Surrounding Australia is the sea, with all of its marine life. People are reaching out to each other over the background which consists of nature, Australia’s traditional land. The image is communicating Australians connecting and caring for Country as a group of people who have one special thing in common, our home of Australia.

Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation is, to me, everyone coming together; everyone recognising their wrongs, then growing from them. I believe this art challenge helps young people to learn more about this important process as well as learn about different backgrounds and perspectives. Reconciliation is about
Australians coming together to improve and unite our country, no matter our
cultural background, beliefs or ideas.

Artist: Sophia Beattie

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