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My artwork demonstrates reconciliation amongst our community. The two contrasting hands illustrated represent harmony between our differences as individuals. I took further consideration when researching about reconciliation among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples and wanted to discuss the importance of the sky to Indigenous people. The objects and the natural phenomena in the sky serve as a blueprint for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to safely navigate long journeys across the seas, lands and waterways. The hands represent growth between communities and how we as individuals are advancing, accepting and uniting cultures and beliefs. It serves as a depiction of our advancing future with equity and healing. The hand’s contrast represents uniting diversity among communities. This represents our respect for the First Nations knowledge on ways to observe the sky, through understanding the importance to culture and how this knowledge aids survival. My artwork explores the diversity and growth to be more culturally accepting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ worldviews.   My artwork is a statement for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to come together and progress together in society. It shows that we need to acknowledge Indigenous communities and their beliefs and reconcile our faults. My artwork relates to “under one sky“ through the inclusion of contrasting nations together under the same sky.


Reconciliation means…

The acknowledgement of the past, present and future. Where we are working together to achieve respect, trust and equality among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. To inspire healing within our community and make restitution for past injustices to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Where this land is strengthened we heal together as a community our past faults, with shared views and equity amongst our civilisations.

Artist: Xiaqita Penaflor

Year 10

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