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We stand united upon this Land,
And acknowledge those who have come before us.
We see Dharug Country in our Elder’s hands;
Passing on all that important stories encompass.

The old lie of the empty nation;
They claimed that this was Terra Nullius.
Australia was born on a false foundation,
A rich cultural history was here belonging to our First Nations.

Prosperous in a culture, that is highly complex;
With stories of Dreaming and Creation.
With Country, there comes a manner to connect,
For years of Tradition was conveyed with great elation.
By the power of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament;

Wishes of the Elders are continuously preserved.
The future is rising at a sharp ascent,
Along with the stories we are yet to conserve.

Reconciliation is the ingredient of a unified community;
Where future needs are yet to meet.
In determination for outright security,
When Australia is at its complete.

Artist Statement: My work is a writing piece in the form of a poem that embodies the daily importance of recognising both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians to both the land and sea, and with it preserving each of their unique and complex cultures and stories. Throughout this poem I have explored the theme of “What Stories Will You Dream” by developing empathetic, compassionate and a sensitive understanding of the consequences that one group’s actions place on another group. Furthermore, this understanding not only generates what must be done in the future, but it also symbolises how everyone’s life matters and what we should do in order to show that we care.


Reconciliation means… 

To me, Reconciliation is about strengthening ties between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and the wider Australian community for the benefit of our country. Additionally, I also see a much more deeper meaning behind this term. From the moment we arrive into the world all our lives are based upon relationships between other people and their communities. Without people caring for one another, our society will not survive. We can’t change history. But we can learn from it and make Australia a better place.

Artist: Cooper Myerscough

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