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My artwork was inspired by my trip to the Great Barrier Reef where I saw different
coral, fish and even turtles. I used this experience and incorporated it into my
artwork. I used different drawing techniques inspired by First Nations peoples such as dot painting and drawings of animals. I found that this up-levelled my
artwork and added to the idea of Reconciliation. ‘A Home Across the World’ is a drawing of the Great Barrier Reef but one side is healthy with sea creatures
striving and the other is bleached coral, dead fish, and pollution. The artwork is
presenting the idea that the Great Barrier Reef is dying and that we must save it.

Reconciliation means…

In my eyes, reconciliation is acknowledging the Traditional Owners of Australia
and putting aside all that has happened in the past. We should celebrate
the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We have made
great progress in this although there are still many holes to patch up. As I am
Australian, I would like to thank the Indigenous community for sharing their
knowledge of Australia with us.

Artist: Kyan Pavendranathan

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