Oliver Rice

My artwork, ‘House of Australian Heroes’ is about how anyone can become an Australian Hero.
This is shown through the ladder and open door, as well as the ‘All Welcome’ sign. This artwork relates to reconciliation as the tree on the left represents the European (as seen through the colours of the roots) side and the right side tree represents the Aboriginals (as seen in the colours of the roots). The weapons are buried under the ground showing how we have acknowledged our mistakes and put aside our differences and are now working together for peace, as shown through the treehouse, supported by both trees. My artwork relates to the theme ‘homegrown heroes’ as the focus of the artwork is the two trees, displaying literally the ‘homegrown’ idea. I also included faint photos of classic Australian heroes, adding to the ‘House of Australian Heroes’ idea. Finally, I included the Australian Desert within the treehouse, symbolising endless possibility for Australian heroes.

House of Australian Heroes

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