Online workshops

In 2020 we will be providing a range of online workshops.

Due to changes brought about by COVID-19 Reconciliation NSW and the Schools Reconciliation Challenge have had to reschedule a range of activities and plan new online content.

To stay in the loop please register online to receive our Reconciliation in Education Newsletters. You can also register for one of our free online workshops which include professional development, cultural competence,  understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the classroom, reconciliation themes and how to activate your school to engage with Reconciliation Action Plans.


Free online workshops with the Powerhouse Museum Friday 28 August 2020.


Engage with First Nations perspectives on Caring for Country and sustainability by exploring the designs of leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, in this free video conference that brings the Powerhouse Museum into your classroom.

In this guided tour of the Museum’s Linear exhibition, learners will be encouraged to consider and create responses to the themes of Caring for Country and Reconciliation, as a part of the Schools Reconciliation Challenge 2020.

Register here.

Primary 10:00 – 11:00 am


Secondary 12:00  – 1:00 pm

Creative Writing Workshop

in 2019 for  NAIDOC, Reconciliation NSW in collaboration with Red Room Poetry invited schools to book into this engaging online creative writing workshop presented by internationally published, Gunai poet and author Kirli Saunders and best-selling children’s author, Yvette Poshoglian. The workshops explore the 2019 Schools Reconciliation Challenge theme, Speaking and Listening From the Heart.
The workshop was produced by the leading edge, Department of Education Arts Unit technology team and is an engaging way to connect with First Nations knowledge and voices.

Download these resources for the workshops

Student Handout

If possible please print a handout for each student participating in the workshop.

If not make sure they each have paper and a pen to participate.

Teacher Resource

This resource outlines the workshop and provides background information about the presenters and reconciliation generally.


For more information about reconciliation see our resources.

We also recommend that you explore

Narragunnawali’s Curriculum Resources

Use Narragunnawali’s early learning, primary and secondary curriculum resources to promote reconciliation and to strengthen children and students’ knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions
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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW  curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.