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The land is old,
As is the sky.
But we shall shatter,
The hideous lie.

That lies within our land,
The world is in our hands

A wall of glass,
Cuts between.
And though
it’s translucent,
Nothing is seen.

Not within our land,
Weighing down our hands.

So we shatter the wall!
Break the glass!
To finally see the sky,
We finally see the lie.

That lived within our land,
Made by our own hands.

We are one people,
Under one sky.
Stronger together,
No crystalline lie.

That was between our land,
Torn down by many hands.

So we can always be free,
It’ll start with you and me,
Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Author’s statement:
The glass wall is the lie of separation, built by our own hands, and I hope that we can shatter it together and all be free. This poem means a lot, and I hope it can mean something to others too.

Reconciliation means…
The reconciling and joining of peoples.

Author: Saphira Ladbrook

Year 6

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