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The three people, one white, one brown and one black, represent the people of this land and the whole world, coming together. The fire represents the bushfires. When the bushfires came we joined hands to overcome the threat. If you look below the fire, you’ll see an old shack; this is a reference to the song “Along the Road to Gundagai”. In the bottom right corner, you’ll see a red mountain. It symbolises the Aboriginal massacres and that the blood of their people stains this land. It is time for us all to wash it clean. The big, green patch beneath the mountain is a forest that workers are chopping down. We must stop this; we must stop taking what’s not ours, stop taking the home of all our lovely native birds, mammals, reptiles, and monotremes. The river symbolises life, for you need water to survive. We all need water. On the right, above the river, is a birds-eye-view drawing of Uluru. Above that the Three Sisters, are three mountains in the Brindabellas, near my home. Above everything, there’s a large night sky. It represents that we are all under one sky, no matter which country, continent or island, whether you’re in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, or anywhere, the sky will always be the same. There is a light spot in the sky, it is the emu which roams the stars. There is also the Southern Cross constellation; it rests upon the Australian flag for all to see.


Reconciliation means…

Everyone uniting and standing together against the hardships of life.

Artist: Savannah Lancaster

Year 6

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