Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta

In response to Caring for Country, we reflected on what is important to us, and the daily impact we have on our local natural environment. Privileged with both life giving fields, bush and river, Western Sydney is plentiful and abundant… but only if we care for it, as those who have walked on this land before us.
Using materials collected from our local environment we are celebrating our cultural heritage and bio-diversity. Reflecting on recent events has taught us the importance to reconcile with our environment in order to better care for Country. We dedicate this piece to the traditional owners of the land on which our school is founded, the Baramadigal people of the Darug Nation.

Reconciliation means …reflecting on how we can recreate trust, respect and positive relationships with the the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It was important in this art work to pay respect to the natural landscape and reconcile the changes made to this traditional land. In doing so we hope that this communicates our deep respect for this land and our commitment to honoring it.

Artists: Emily Orszulak and Olivia Nesci – Year 8

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