Peterborough School (SSP)

I love to sit around a fire and talk and listen to stories read to me. I can sit around with my good friends and my family and feel as one underneath the stars. I feel like I am on top of the world on a clear night and try to count the stars. I try and find the emu in amongst the milky way and listen to how the emu used to fly around and look after the land. Space made it easy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to hunt and gather, tell time and know how to travel. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people believe that the land is for everybody, the Moon is male and it helps keep Earth on its axis and creates the tides. The Sun is female and helps life to grow, gives us energy and gives us light.  I am sitting under the stars, on top of the world with all the planets being juggled and talked about in stories. My painting is like space, it can keep evolving with my friends and family talking and making stories.


Reconciliation means…

Like we all have a relationship with the sky, we also need to develop positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to understand their way of life, beliefs and knowledge of space and our universe. In this way, we can then all feel we are on top of the world.

Artist: Summer Shaw

Year 5

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