Peterborough School (SSP)

I thought how a healthy sea and a healthy river is very important for not only humans, but the animals and plant life that rely on rivers and a sea environment to live. I concentrated on rivers and drew some of the animals and plants that rely on fresh and healthy water. Rivers often flow into the sea, so it is important that what flows to the sea is as clean and healthy as can be. If the river was unhealthy, we wouldn’t see frogs or turtles, and fish would also disappear. The images in my painting are important to Aboriginal people, the reeds and grasses are material for making baskets and fishing nets. Some animals in my drawing such as turtles, frogs and fish are for eating and water is for swimming and drinking. I love my local rivers and have a new respect for the animals and plants that keep our water healthy.

Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation means trust and being respectful of the oldest culture in the world. We should learn more about this wise culture and how they nurture and respect the sea and rivers so all living life is healthy, valued and shared. Perhaps we need to trust ancient ways more to learn about ways to manage our beautiful waterways for future generations.

Artist: Taj Puckeridge

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