Rosary Primary School

Though the wind blows,
the clouds go away,
a ship on unknown land shows,
but the sky is there to stay.
Colonization is booming,
natives are driven out,
greed and selfishness looming,
but, the sky is here to stay.
Land riddled with injustice,
laughs turn to cries,
discrimination casts out justice,
but the sky is there to stay.
Mistakes are made,
but good can shine too,
with one foot at a time,
discrimination may fade.
Past, present, future,
future, present, past,
can we live in an equal word,
with the sky to last?
Is there a world,
where face and place can’t hold us back,
each other we can embrace,
where tears fall for a smile above?
Yes, if the sky can last,
it can be our reminder,
that we should be kinder,
as we all beings together will make a sky to last.
We are all one race,
our hearts beat together,
the sky we embrace,
united in harmony forever.

Author’s statement:
My poem is about the evolving history of Aboriginal people and all the mistakes of the past. Then, it talks about the future with a dream and a vision that we are one nation under one sky.

Reconciliation means…
To reflect on the mistakes of the past and learn and grow to be a better you and a better world.

Author: Bridget Pham

Year 6

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