St Patrick’s Marist College

Those who go to Terra Australis
Take in the beauty, rich and rare we hold
Where we are, its history has malice
Of strife, of hurt, and the need for some gold
Alas, our elders have taken their home
But yet to end our century-long need
To get back the fields where which can we roam
Away from those who know nothing but greed
Smoke and triumph win our hearts, satisfied
As the road to true peace is in our grasp
Unite with our hearts, our souls and our mind
For the future, for our kids, a world to enclasp
We sit around the fire of life, of dreams
A dream of a trail trekked to close the seams

I dream a dream of a land down under
Whereas far as I can see, where we roam
Dreams dreamt without hurt, made out of wonder
Red soils soiling our hearts, rusting our chrome
On river’s edge, others said to what end?
Places sowed to grow, to help cultivate
And build bridges, gifting flowers to mend
Our broken tome, as it’s never too late
Rain pours softly on the soil, the dry sands
May the world be at peace for our children
We do not know, but with our hearts in hands
Viōlence must end, we do not know when
Ahead of us lays a path, uncertain
But it’s a while until closing the curtain

Yet, simple as it is all to forgive
Improbable to convince certain ones
But, their hatred would all be outlived
For love will persist and grow through their sons
Brazen and burn and love and hurt only
Makes up all our need to improve ours’lves
As the dream we dream, none do it lonely
Because we are not like Tassy Devils
Like kookaburras, we laugh together
Hopping around the bush like wallabies
We be jellyfish, who live forever
Living past the past, taking apologies
To Australia, the land down under
To our future hope, we never sunder.

Artist statement: My piece, “Take it in, the Wild Heart from the Fires”, is made out of three connected sonnets, reinstating and reusing language from the other to reinvigorate the idea of a dream where we all are together for our future and all hate be eradicated from our society. I used sonnets to convey my own wants and opinions with love triumphing over hate in my own dream, as Shakespeare used Sonnets to convey his own feelings and opinions. I convey my message with our future as that sun rises, as we are able to obtain it, whilst those who hate, remain in shadow. I allude to certain phrases such as “beauty, rich and rare” from the national anthem and “the land down under” as terms for Australia as it’s meant to signify our unity as people, all from one land. The first sonnet sets our scene, telling the reader of Australia’s past with terrible things happening for many reasons, but winning back our luck throughout the years. The second sonnet thinks and lingers on the future generations, who wouldn’t have their culture stolen but given back. The last sonnet is the dream dreamt where those who go against love won’t survive the tests of time and we all grow together with love in our hearts.


Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation is the admittance of past actions which one regrets and toils over. The process of reconciliation is talking about mistakes, allowing for healing and building ourselves up in order to progress in life, the need for understanding and learning from one another in order for true love and harmony.

Artist: Kenzh Munda Cruz

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