Surveyors Creek Public School

Our class’s artwork is an original inspired by ‘The Uluru Statement of the Heart’. This is the reason Uluru is the centre of our piece. We have collaged the words from The Statement of the Heart either on Uluru or the Sun to show its significance. Like the Sun rises to begin a new day, our Sun represents a new beginning that we dream for the future, where everyone feels they belong, they are respected and valued in a reconciled nation. We have included words in the Sun’s rays that stood out to us from The Uluru Statement of the Heart or what we believe reconciliation is. We used water colours and oil pastels to create our artwork titled ‘Reconciliation – A New Dawn.’

Reconciliation Means…

Acknowledged, accepted, united, respected.

Contributors: Ava Ilijeski, Ellyra Angeleski and Ruby Hoegel

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