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Vincent Lingiari

Tent Embassy

Freedom Rides

Artist Statements:

Tent Embassy – Our artworks are about the Aboriginal Tent Embassy that was erected in 1972 on the lawns of Old Parliament House in Canberra, initially to protest against the government’s refusal to recognise Aboriginal Land Rights. Forty seven years later Indigenous people still have no embassy, no treaty and few land rights. The tent embassy is considered an icon to the struggle, a tent to house refugees in their own country. “The fact that the embassy has been standing continually since 1992 is a testament to our determination to fight against all odds and the tyranny of the majority to gain that which is ours” – Michael Anderson.
Reconciliation means… Building a bridge between different people from different cultures so they can live with peace and equality.

Vincent Lingiari – Our artworks are about Vincent Lingiari, the Gurindgji stockman who walked off “Wave Hill” station in protest against Lord Vestey’s and the government’s employment practices.
Vincent Lingiari was listening and speaking from the heart.
“We want to live on our land, our way”
The strike lasted eight years and paved the way for the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) 1976. His victory over vast economic and political forces is one of the most outstanding achievements in the history of the struggle for recognition of Indigenous peoples of Australia.

Freedom Rides – Our artwork is about the 1965 Freedom Ride, how a group of Sydney university students went on tour of country towns in New South Wales to draw attention to the poor living conditions of Indigenous people and racial segregation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in contemporary Australia.
The Freedom Ride brought national and international attention to the issue of racial discrimination and disadvantage suffered by Indigenous people. The Freedom Ride raised the public’s consciousness about racism and the greater need for equality.


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