Tomerong Public School

Our school, Tomerong Public School, is situated on Yuin land. We acknowledge the importance of stories, as it informs history, passes on knowledge and traditions, and helps connect people to Country and culture. We have been working with many First Nation community members, including Theresa Ardler, Matty Simms and Johnathan Hill to learn some of the local Dhurga language, cultural traditions, Dreaming stories and significant landscapes and sites in our area. Each of our classrooms is named after a significant site, most have been based upon the local Dreaming story of “Bundoola -The Great Rain Spirit*”. Our school has created the collaborative artwork “bunaan yana” which is a stone pathway that enters into our ceremonial yarning circle. Each class worked together to design and paint an artwork associated with either their class story, other local stories of significance, or their own stories of learning about Country.  The students have painted the stones using an exterior paint, they have been sealed and will be installed permanently with concrete and landscaping. We have chosen to lay the pavers in the entry of the yarning circle as it visually reminds us daily (as it’s situated in our playground) of the stories we have learnt together, as a school community. It also creates a beautiful, peaceful place for students to connect to Country and culture.  * Bundoola ? “The Great Rain Spirit”- Father of the 13 Clans of the South Coast by Uncle George Brown retold by Theresa Ardler.”

Reconciliation Means…

At Tomerong Public School, our vision for Reconciliation is to strengthen the relationships between our First Nation peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. We aim to move forward together by recognising the past, understanding the history and looking to the future.  Our school is committed to learning about Dhurga language, respecting the connection to Yuin land and embracing the culture and traditions of the Wadi Wadi and Wandean people. We appreciate and endeavour to continue to build these positive relationships, working together for a reconciled future.

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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.