Waitara Public School

A Tranquil Eden is an artwork I created that has symbols hidden within it. In the centre of the painting, are two hands, light and dark, with a shining Aboriginal Flag heart in the middle of them. It is supposed to mean peace and serenity between two races. On the light arm, is a group of people holding up a sign saying, “no racism”. Behind the arms, there is an ocean with lotuses floating on the superficial surface. A lotus is a sign of strength and renaissance. At the top of the painting there is a colourful rainbow that represents joy and happiness. These symbols are positive for the world and in the future, I hope that this is what the world will become. Filled with joy, peace, and strength.

Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation means forgiveness. To forget feuds, arguments, and negativity, but instead to work together and create more harmony in our society.

Artist: Maria Casas

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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.