Alana Dutton

My artwork A Voice’s Power features an Aboriginal man, surrounded by colour, pattern and collage. Within the collage – documents and protests are found which relate to some positive changes we, as a nation, have made by using our voices.

This emphasises to me, the notion that a voice is the most powerful tool to create change, and by using it, anything is possible. Together people can impact change so greatly, and stand up for what we believe is right because these are our voices and this is our future.

Reconciliation means… I believe reconciliation is about unity and respect between Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. Although forgiveness plays a major part in reconciliation, it is important we do not forget and mask the past, but instead learn and build off these previous experiences. We must learn to accept everyone for who they are because everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one deserves to be degraded for being a different race, religion or sexuality.

A Voice’s Power

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