Blaxland High School

My artwork “Faith’s future” is about Faith Bandler who was an Aboriginal activist and campaigner for the rights of Indigenous Peoples & South Sea Islanders. Throughout this artwork there are some small key messages such as a local historic landmark- The 3 sisters, the Aboriginal flag, and Indigenous designs to symbolize how Australia should be more inclusive to the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

My artwork relates to “reconciliation” by trying to make other people view how Australia should be more culturally aware by showing symbolic designs and well-known activists/campaigners. Australia should be inclusive of Indigenous cultures as we are a “diverse and accepting country”. “Faith’s Future” relates to theme “What stories will you dream” because it’s the Australia that Faith would have dreamed of before she died. Faith was an activist who hoped for an equal and diverse future.

Reconciliation means…

To me reconciliation means “being more aware of other cultures” and being diverse and caring for Indigenous people, native Australian plants, and languages. That’s why I made “Faith’s Future”.

Artist: Teleah Rhodes

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