Blaxland High School

‘Your Promise Under the Waning Sky’, is an artwork that represents the promise and subsequent apologies, to mend what damage has been done in the past. The reconciliation of both halves of Australia, represented by the girls as the new generation, setting aside their differences and working to make a better future for themselves and whoever comes after them. My piece is set under a sunset, modelled after our own Australian sunsets. It represents a metaphorical end or ‘sunset’ to prejudice and hurt, while the star that ignites behind their intertwined hands represents the rebirth of a new future. A bright and colourful future, where the past’s mistakes are not ignored, but set aside in favour of forgiveness and peace. A world where reconciliation has changed it for the better. This piece is rather close to my heart. I interpreted the prompt as something akin to ‘My ideal Australia’, so I envisioned a world free from racism and prejudice. A world where the mistakes made in the past have had a chance to be rectified, and Australia as a whole, has come together and lives in bliss. That is the future I hope to someday see.

Reconciliation means…

Well, if you mean the literary, textbook definition, probably something like; “Restoration of relations”, the meaning in the lens of morality and this challenge are no different. To me, it represents a continued effort to amend past wrong doings, by acknowledging, apologising, and fixing, (where possible) the errors previously incurred. Bridging the gap between the two halves of Australia that us, non-Indigenous carved, both just as deserving to live here as the other. Connecting with each other and building a world of respect and care for one another.

Artist: Aislinn Wheeler

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