Blaxland High School

My artwork, titled “Growth”, represents the beautiful, forgotten, and undervalued relationship Indigenous people hold with the earth. My admiration for the deep connection and respect Aboriginal people have for Australia’s land has inspired my choices for “Growth”. When I think about “What Stories Will You Dream?” I think about the future I’d like to see for Australia. I would like to see a world where everybody has a spiritual and respectful connection to the land, whether they are Indigenous or not. The baby and the seed in the artwork are meant to represent the baby in the mum, because people owe just as much to Earth as they do to their own mother. The mother and the Earth are similar in their capacity to provide shelter, love, and support to people.

Reconciliation means…

Reconciliation means acknowledging that you can’t take back what happened in the past, but you can make the effort to change and improve healing between hurt people. My artwork relates to reconciliation because it shows an innocent baby undefined by race with a deep connection to the land like Indigenous people which is the future I dream.

Artist: Lilliana Gosling

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