Blaxland High School

My artwork ‘David King, Bushcare Legend’, is all about David King’s success in restoring and caring for bush land. The artwork is celebratory of David’s efforts to restore bush land and creeks and keeping the animals and birds safe that inhabit these landscapes.

My artwork relates to reconciliation as when David King restores and cares for the land that has belonged to his family for thousands of years, he is reconnecting to it. David is taking back land and rejuvenating it for the animals that inhabit it and for future custodians that will continue to look after it.

David King is known for regenerating and caring for the country with techniques such as tackling weeds, replanting native habitats, reducing storm water pollution and restoring creek lines. All that David King has done for the land makes him a perfect candidate for an artwork with the theme; Caring for Country.

Reconciliation means …the process of restoring something that was once lost. Whether it be restoring friendly relations with people or reconnecting to the land, it’s all about recovering something that was taken away by learning and taking action. It’s about understanding and putting aside differences.

Artist: Caitlin Smith – Year 9

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