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Pearl Bay Mission – A Lonely Place


The twisted green vines were hanging low

all kinds of vegies and fruit would grow


When the children sat under the tall palm trees

They could feel the lovely, sea breeze


But, it was not home


All the children had so many memories

Now at Pearl Bay they’ll be there for centuries


The children would dive for the beautiful trochus shells

But in the distance you could hear the ringing bells


Still, it was not home


It used to be fun sitting by the fire

Now the white men came …and their liars


The white men said taking them would be better

But no, the kids can’t even send a letter

No, it was not home


Dry Borough Station

Hot, dusty as hard as bone

But the birds had a lovely tone


Dry borough station is hot, orange and red

when the white man came, “I am taking you” he said


But, it was home


The white man was aiming for a shot

Inside the shed was John in his cot


At the camp site you could see the dogs

Laying by the fire logs


Still, it was home

The children ran and felt so free

They would never feel the need to flee


Always slept on his mothers’ arm

He is safe from all the harm


Yes, it was home

My artwork is about how lonely it looks without the Aboriginal people because they have been taken away from their families and their Country. It relates to reconciliation because we have been learning about why the Aboriginal children shouldn’t have been taken away. It’s also about everyone coming together and caring for each other.

Reconciliation means …all people coming together and saying sorry to the Aboriginal peoples for what we did to them and why we shouldn’t have done it. It’s making everyone equal forever.

Author: Holly Laing – Year 4

“Nice use of rhyme to tell the story of Pearl Bay Mission and the children taken from their homes and family. This piece stood out for the use of imagery to depict the landscape both visually and through the senses. The connection between the children and Country is conveyed and in turn communicates the theme of Caring for Country within a deeper understanding. Great work”

What the Judges said

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