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Dryborough Station was dry and dusty

And on hot, summer days the air was musty


They slept open under the tin roofs

While the long-horned cattle stomped their hooves


Stretched asleep lay the sleeping dogs

Lying nearby the campfire logs


But, it was home


Dryborough Station was infested with flies

And when the big man came Liyan told him lies.


When the man from Welfare came to take them away

They knew for certain that they wanted to stay


The rest of them had skin as black as the night

But the kids who were taken away had skin too light


Still, it was home


When the man from Welfare came they were down near the lake

They used the burnt stick, but they knew it was fake


The first time, the man would believe her lies

But when the kids were taken away, you could hear distant cries


Yes, it was home

My artwork is about a book we read called The Burnt Stick, which is about the Stolen Generation. This is a time in Australia’s history when Aboriginal children were stolen from their family and taken across the country to a completely different place, where they were treated poorly. My poems and art show the difference between where a child came from and was sent to. He would never be happy at the mission because he had no family there and it wasn’t his Country. My art links to reconciliation because it is learning about the past and learning so the future can never follow this way. It links to Caring for Country because it shows the depth of connection Aboriginal people have to their Country.

Reconciliation means …Reconciliation means learning about the past, and making sure the bad parts never happen again. It is when we look back on the past and say sorry on behalf of the people who took the children away, as they now cannot say it themselves. We acknowledge the past and hope for the future to be better.

Author: Audrey Mullins – Year 4

What the judges said: “Clever contrast of mission and reserve life, different contexts, quite creative, sincere and effortful”


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