Tweed Heads Public School

Country is home. It’s where I feel safe and it feels like I’m meant to be there. Country is the land, water, sky and animals. My artwork is of saltwater country because my family are saltwater mob (Bayellee/Bailai and South Sea Islander). I learnt and included Bundjalung words for turtle, whale and fish because I live in Tweed Heads. I used acrylic paint on canvas to create an artwork of under the sea. I used coloured pencils and cardboard for the sea animals that were glued on. There is a whale (baawii), turtle (bing ging) and fish (jalam). My favourite part of my artwork is the cleanliness of the water. It is clear and the animals are free and safe. Knowing the animals are happy, makes me feel complete. Caring for Country is important to me because I want it to exist and be strong forever. Jayla Murray

Country is land. Country is water. Country is sky. My artwork is of Bailai Country because I care about it. Gladstone is where my family is from and I am a young Bailai and South Sea Islander girl. My artwork is made with acrylic paint on a canvas. It is an aerial view of Gladstone. I used metallic paint textas to write the word Bailai (also spelt Bayellee and Bayali) and draw Aboriginal symbols. The layered circles symbolise meeting places. The two orange meeting places are where my family’s house is and where my family go to the beach. The straight lines connecting these places is where the road is that we drive to get there. There are small fish in the sea because we go fishing here with my dad. My favourite part of my artwork is the orange connected meeting places because they show where we like to go in Gladstone. Caring for Country is important to me because I have respect for it. I want to look after Country so that it grows and lasts forever. Alira Murray

Reconciliation means …Indigenous and non-Indigenous people coming together to heal their relationship between each other. Reconciliation is important because then everyone that lives on this sacred ground can work together to Care for Country.

Artists: Jayla Murray – Year 6 and Alira Murray – Year 5

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