Knox Grammar Preparatory OSH Club

My artwork is a combination of colours and ways of painting which represent Indigenous art and also non-Indigenous art. I used acrylic pour to make the night time sky, and used shiny, silver paint to make the Emu constellation – it’s interesting we have constellations, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have them too. I liked combining traditional and other colours, because I think it shows how Reconciliation should work – combining and living happily together to make something beautiful. I also did a scene with people and animals together under the sky, living happily together to represent this. They’re living under one sky, and showing that not only should people live happily together, but that it is important to remember the animals – they’re important to Indigenous people, and they should be important to us too. I’d like them to be part of our vision for Reconciliation too.


Reconciliation means…

Living in harmony, and working towards a good future together.

Artist: Luke Viviers

Year 3

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