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Our artwork is about making connections with nature, culture and each other. It is also about connecting beyond ourselves and sharing our experience as part of our reconciliation journey. As a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous friends we were invited to come with our families and our teacher to the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) to make artworks with Luritja artist Kayannie Denigan. At the NGA, Shane Nelson, a proud Wiradjuri & Walgalu man welcomed us and gave an acknowledgement of country. He asked us to look and to feel what touched our hearts. We shared with each other what moved us. Kayannie showed us how to make beautiful art leaves like she does out of copper and aluminium. She asked us to look closely at the real leaves we had collected for inspiration. As we started to make leaves we decided to make enough to give to people who are family to us. We realised that sharing what we made together was exciting. We hope these photos from this special day will help grow conversations from your heart about action for reconciliation.
Reconciliation means… Reconciliation means many things.  It is learning about culture and recognising the traditional custodians of the land. It is knowing the truth about past events; some that are terrible and painful, and some that are inspiring. It is listening to our hearts and working together to build a positive future.

Artists: Emily Hewitt, Eloise Jones, Miles Southby, Alghy Alghyfari, Harry Bacon, Kato Barr, Aaleyah Cross, Tyler Gaskill, Emir Kalkan, Xavier Mallett, Valerie Milne, Tobias Mudaliar, Akirah Rogers, Shylah Rogers Mcbride, Alexander Thomson, Gabriel Tonga Denis, Asher Castro, La’auli Hamilton, Jayden Rogers

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