Peterborough School (SSP)

It must be amazing to look down on Earth from above and see where we live, whether Australia, Europe, the Americas or an Asian country. How little we all are compared to how big the universe is. There is only one Earth and we all live on Earth and have different stories to tell. I wanted to portray Earth and all our well-known planets like a whirlpool, like they are busy telling a story, just like the many learning stories represented in folk tales, the Dreaming and nursery rhymes. Space brings curiosity, stories, myths, legends, energy and daily changes that help us to live and survive in an ever-changing world. The world is our oyster but space continues to feed our desire to travel, explore and conquer. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have conquered space by writing stories, painting and using space as a guide to plant, hunt and to tell time.

Reconciliation means…

Respecting space and our vast and continuing universe, we need to be thoughtful towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. We should learn about our mistakes and be guided to show our respect so we learn from them. We should never dismiss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their beliefs and culture. We have so much to learn from their rich heritage and it is our loss if we continue to be ignorant.

Artists: Taj Puckeridge

Year 8

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