Redfern Jarjum College

“Our Waters, Our Home” is inspired from
the theme of “Our Island Home” as it celebrates our peoples’ connection to the
waters both on country and the great ocean that sorrounds us. The artwork features traditional stories as follows: Bundjalung country – nguthungulli, the creator of the waters. The artwork also shows the rainbow serpent, creator of the mountains and the sea. Gumbaynngirr – the bend in the river was caused by the giant – Ngambaa- who was speared and fell. His body made an imprint which is now the bend of the river. Kamilaroi country – the story of the Emu in the sky in November when it is seen resting in a waterhole. Wiradjuri – the story of the duck Gayga who disrespected her elders and was captured by a water rat. Brewarrina -how the fish traps were used by the local Aboriginal people. The rainbow serpent weaves around from our school in Sydney, around the lands of our students and through their stories.

Reconciliation means…

Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians working, learning and living

Contributors: Redfern Jarjum College junior and senior class

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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.