St Joseph’s Primary School

Our school, St Joseph’s Laurieton, sits under a very special mountain on Birpai Country. The Dreamtime story of 3 brothers named Dooragan, Mooragan and Booragan tell how the three brothers turned into mountains. Our school and town, Laurieton, lies beneath the biggest mountain, Dooragan. The river that runs through our town and into the ocean is the Camden Haven River and it is very important to our small town of Laurieton. It gives our town a life source just as it did for our ancestors thousands of years ago. Our art work is a mixed media collage and
shows the 3 brother mountains and how our community connects to nature.
It shows how water flows through our town and leads to the ocean through a
rocky break wall. The yellow, white and green dots represent our school colours
and the children of our Catholic school. The red, white and black dots are the
colours of our local soccer and rugby league club which many of our students are
members. The black and white dots symbolise our local surf club. We have djiraa (crab) to show the totem of our town with some fish in the water along with a
djiraa trap. The water in our town has provided food and jobs for its people. We
have also shown the middens that can still be found in our area and are proof
that our ancestors lived by the water for thousands of years.

Reconciliation means…

We believe that reconciliation means all Australians unite as one and can
live together in peace for a better future. We do this at our school and in
our community by acknowledging and respecting all the different peoples,
cultures and by caring for Country.

Contributors: Didjii Kids Group – Yindii-Lee White, Dekyrah Everson,
Ilukah White, Logan Daniels, Hardy Fletcher, Ebony Kemp, Riley Knight, Evander White, Seth Young, Xarli Kemp, Violet Miller and Zahra Parker

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Many of these resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to ensure that the program meets NSW curriculum outcomes for Stages 3, 4 & 5.