Rutherford Technology High School

One of the problems we are facing, is pollution

If we work together we can find a solution

We are running out of time, like the world clock tick tick

If we don’t act now, the Earth will die quick

Littering and laziness is costing us the Earth

There is no planet b, there is no rebirth

We tried to help you, we were concerned

But you didn’t listen so our Country burned


We have got a chance to create a treaty

There is enough to share, don’t be greedy

There are a few small things that we all can do

If your wondering what, we can give you a clue?

From a dying planet there is no immunity

We can save the planet, as a global community

Don’t worry don’t despair, all hope in our country is not gone

Make us feel like we all belong, its time we all get it right.


Our writing submission is about how as a global community we have previously not been caring for the land enough but if we work together and put aside our differences we can make a positive change. Our submission relates to reconciliation because after our lessons we could see that we won’t be able to make lasting change and difference without first healing ourselves. Our submission makes it clear that work needs to be done in caring for Country or we won’t have any country left.

Reconciliation means …healing and joining together as one to share experiences and knowledge.

Author: Alex Campbell, Judd Perry, Vili Palu, Liam Davidson
Matthew Hines, Connar Hanna.  Year 8

What the judges said:

“I particularly liked the rap flow of this piece – the use of sonic elements, rhyme and rhythmic layers to convey the message of Caring for Country on a global scale. A great social message. Well done.”

“Beautiful mix of voices, clear message, evocative!”

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