Walhallow Public School

Caring for Country


Living in Cowra

Riding horses, wild and free

Climbing trees

playing in the park,

Until it gets dark


Now I am ten

I live in Walhallow

Living with my Dad

We stick together

Auny and Uncle are here too

We go exploring

Walking and talking

And always bring a bag to pick up rubbish


Our garden is growing

Flowers and carrots

Running through the long grass with my dog

Caring for Country


My poem describes all the places I have lived. It describes all the special things I used to do. My poem relates to reconciliation as I describe happy things I do with my family. I Care for Country with my new vegetable garden and my Aunty always looks after the environment by picking up rubbish.

Reconciliation means…trust and everyone uniting together, no matter what colour we are. It means good relationships between all people.

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