Walhallow Public School

I starred at the wind blowing hard outside my window. I could feel a summer thunderstorm coming, because the grey clouds covered the sky and the sun disappeared. I yelled out to Callum, my Dhagaan “Come down to Baagii’s with me”. I feel at home when I’m with my Baagii. We grabbed our jackets and ran out the door.

We rushed over to her house and Baagii had our favourite Johnny cakes ready for us.  We put loads of sticky maple syrup on them and went out into the lounge room. Callum said “tell us a ghost story Baagii.” So we got comfortable and Baagii began telling the story.

She said there once was a Wonder Dog with eyes as red as blood. His fur was as black as the night sky. She said that at night the Wonder Dog comes out and if you stare at it, the dog will grow and grow into a huge beast and it will chase you. Then when he catches up to you, it will eat you. My heart was beating fast it was pounding out of my chest.

After we talked more, Callum and I went into the kitchen to put our plates away. On our way home Callum and I had a race. I won because I was faster and taller than him. That night I checked to see if the Wonder Dog was outside my window, but it wasn’t. I still felt frightened. I lay awake in bed thinking of all the stories my Baagii tells me. I love listening to Baagii’s stories.


My story is about my Nan. In Gamilaraay language, Nan is ‘Baagii’ and she has always told me the greatest ghost stories that happened in Walhallow, the village I live in. In my story I show care for my culture as I describe johnny cakes, talk about my family, and I have included traditional Gamilaraay language. My Nan “Baagii” shares stories and one day I hope to share the stories as well.

Reconciliation means …having peace and bringing white Australians and Aboriginal people together.

Author: Charlotte Steibert – Year 6

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