Keeping Culture Safe – Jajoo Warrngara – The Culture Classroom



In this session, students consider the young painters and how they paint stories to keep culture safe. They learn how Gija elders feel about passing culture, traditional practices and knowledges on to their children, grandchildren and future generations. Students use the ‘Community Voices’ to learn ways that Gija people are trying to keep Country safe and the emotions that these efforts produce in them. Students research ways that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people are working together to maintain connections to Country, culture and traditions. They use what they have learnt to reflect on other possibilities.


At the heart of Jajoo Warrngara are the communities that lead the work on Country. We would like to acknowledge the storyteller Shirley Drill, a traditional owner of Gawarre who proudly shared this story, and pay our respects to the Elders past and present. The credits for illustrations and community media can be found in the media resources or at the back of the Jirraginy joo Goorrarndal: Frog and Brolga Multi-touch Book .

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