Zachary Bennett-Brook

My name is Zachary Bennett-Brook and I am a proud Torres Strait Islander man who lives in Wollongong, Dharawal Country, on the South Coast of NSW.

In high school, I discovered my passion to paint the stories and artworks of my culture. My artwork combines my love for surfing and the ocean with my Torres Strait Islander heritage. I create artworks from recycled surf boards and fins, putting a modern twist and my own unique touch on traditional Indigenous Australian art.

Growing up in the Gong I have always been surrounded by the ocean and have been addicted to sliding across the ‘ocean hills’ (what I like to call waves). I am a proud Torres Strait Islander man and we are known as the saltwater people. The ocean has always played a vital role in my life and I often draw inspiration from its blue walls and sandy floors. The colours and shapes of the sea are visible throughout my artworks and highlight my respect for the oceans beauty and power.

I also draw inspiration from other creative people and their artworks. I love to watch people create, and looking at their final pieces always helps me to develop my own ideas. I strive to produce artworks that are of the highest quality and represent my passion for surfing and my Torres Strait Islander heritage. I believe that every artwork that I craft helps me to grow artistically.



  • What do you like about Zachary’s artworks?
  • What are some of the ways that Zachary represents his love for the ocean throughout his work?
  • Zachary creates his artworks on recycled surfboards and fins, if you could make art on any object what would you choose and why?





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