Explore Viewpoints through First Nations Astronomy

Baranyi describes the concept of ‘yesterday’ in the language of the Eora. On 29 April 1770 the Endeavour sailed into Kamay (Botany Bay) and the lives of Australia’s First Nations Peoples changed forever.

This video shows us the night sky as it was seen from Kamay on the evening of 28 April 1770 – the last night sky before contact.

The video reference uses technology that enables us to move through time and space – showing us where we have come from, helping us understand the impact of our footprints on Country.

This activity is designed to help learners understand that people experience and connect to events in diverse but no less significant ways.

Guiding Questions:

  • Ask students to identify the key participants of the events of 28-29 April, 1770 in Kamay (Botany Bay)
  • Ask students to reflect about the events and what they meant to the people involved.
  • What does this event mean to the people involved 250 years later?

Go to https://maas.museum/app/uploads/2020/07/Baranyi-1770-v4.pdf for full lesson plan.

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