Billabongs with Ben Flick

Watch Billabongs with Ben Flick

Guiding questions:

  1. How were billabongs significant to the Aboriginal people of the north-west NSW?(They provided a food source, the weeds that grew on their surface acted as nets for catching fish and crabs)
  2. In what ways did Aboriginal people care for this part of Country? (Through always returning some of the weeds to the billabong so it could regrow, by not depleting all the resources at once)
  3. In what ways did Aboriginal people ensure quality water sources were available?(Elders identified bodies of water suitable for different activities e.g. swimming and bathing water separate and ensuring these were down-stream from drinking water sources; Elders and knowledge holders passed down methods of producing clean water through collecting water in logs and allowing sediment to sink and collect clean water from the top)



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